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Music Teaching and Learning: Subject List

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Our programmes are suited to all levels of music students from beginners to aspiring professional musicians. Our training provides guidance and supports development in the skills needed to perform music fluently and also in the ancillary areas of music theory, listening, musicianship, harmony, counterpoint, and composition. Once we meet you, we can devise courses that meet your requirements including all practical and theory graded examinations, external diplomas (performance and teaching), advanced academic or professional examinations and second and third level grinds.

The following subject listing may inform you if we can meet your needs.

Instrumental Teaching

Accordion (folk, educational, and art music)
Beginners' Introduction to the Piano Class
Ensemble, Chamber Music Coaching
Junior Cert Music (Practical)
Leaving Cert Music (Practical: Instrumental and/or Music Technology)
Piano (Class)
Piano (Individual)
Pre-performance Assessments
Sight Reading Skills


Aural Development (Ear Training)
Composition (Commercial, Multimedia, New media)
Composition (Creative, Art music)
Form and Analysis
Harmony and Counterpoint
Junior Cert. Music (Course work)
Leaving Cert. Music (Course work)
Music Dictation
Practical Musicianship (Kodály concept solfège)
Score Reading Skills
Theory of Music for Graded Examinations

Music Technology

Music Notation Preparation and Editing (Software Skills, Engraving Traditions, Editing in Practice)
Music Production Software Techniques (Recording, Mixing, Fx)
Music Technology (Music Teacher Training)
Music Technology (Leaving Cert. Students)
Sibelius Music Notation Software Training Level I (Beginners, up to 6 hours course time)
Sibelius Music Notation Software Training Level II (Inter. to Advanced, up to 6 hours course time)

Talk to us about delivering a bespoke course to satisfy your own particular needs.

Occasional Training: External Workshops
for Choral and Musical Societies,
Schools and Colleges

Sibelius Training Level I (Beginners and little experience)
Sibelius Training Level II (Intermediate to Advanced)
Sight Reading and Musicianship Awakening Workshops for Choirs/Choral Groups/Musical Societies
Listening, Pitching and Intonation Workshops for Choirs/Choral Groups/Musical Societies

Live Online Lessons | Skype Music Lessons

Where one-to-one tuition is not possible due to distance, lessons are available, by pre-booked appointments, via Skype. Please contact us for details and/or to arrange an initial call to establish that the connection will work well.

Enrolling Now:

Beginners' Introduction to the Piano class
Apply to join the appropriate class for 6–8 years, or 9–11 years, or 12–14 years.
Our child-friendly mascot, Blue-Jay, provides more information here.

If you wish to pursue a course of one-to-one piano lessons, contact us to request a meeting (or audition).

If you wish to organise music lessons for your child, why not contact us now to put your name on our waiting list for September?

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What is the Value of a Musical Training for the Young?

Now that you are here and we have your attention, we ask you to take a moment to consider how a top quality musical training may impact the development of growing children in many positive ways. All that is required is for continual involvement of children in music making and jsut this repairs the development path and achievement attitude of children. Watch this brief video from the BBC which describes the impact of a musical intervention programme that turns a failing school into a high achievement school in a very short timeframe.

Tip: Turn the sound on just after starting the video or you will miss the voice-over at the beginning.

Isn't it remarkable?!
Now you know some of the secrets known by musical families.
But don't say we told you!

Exceptional Music Teaching for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Musicians
Music School in Dublin for Adults and Children: Playright Music Ltd.

Music Education & Instruction

Fresh Approaches to Music Education at Playright Music Ltd.

Dynamic piano and musicianship classes for children and adults: Beginners and advanced performers welcome.
Our long-established, experienced teacher has an enthusiastic and inspiring approach that encourages positive learning outcomes and excellent results.

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