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Dynamic Piano Classes for Your Child in Dublin

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Introduction to Piano Classes for Children

Looking for Inspirational Piano Classes to Capture the Imagination of Your Children?

Dear Parent,
If you wish to enhance the lives of your children with a top quality music education, you have found the right place!
We provide exceptionally vibrant piano lessons for children. Piano classes for kids are starting soon.

Introduction to Piano - a moving headline (animation).

Introduce Your Child to the Wonderful World of Music and provide Life-Enhancing Opportunities of Inner Joy, Self-Confidence and Emotional Expression. Dynamic Piano Classes for Children Starting Soon. Apply Now!

Our Introduction to Piano classes offer a socialised environment for a very small number of children of similar age. We teach with age-appropriate pacing and content (e.g. selected songs and pieces to play). We use active-learning strategies that capture the imagination of the young. For these classes we accept children who are at least 6 yrs (or can learn independently of their parents).

Five Unique Benefits of Our Piano Classes for Children

The benefits of engaging in music-making can be enjoyed by all children whether they are musically talented or not. This short video explains how music adds value and brings deeper meaning to one's life. Here, you will see some of the ways that music-making promotes improvement in language acquisition in children.

Here's Why Piano Lessons Improve Language Learning in Kids

Here's why those childhood piano lessons are worth it... (via Seeker)

Posted by Science Channel on Monday, 9 July 2018

Music-Making is Life Changing with Positive Impact on Learning!

See this short video from the BBC which gives an account, supported by data, showing how children who learned to play music also did better in other subjects such as maths and English. Best quality musical training can have a very positive impact on learning outcomes.

"When musicians moved into a school in Leeds, everyone expected the children to make progress in music. What was less predictable, was the progress they also made in Maths and English."

[If you are associated with a school that is willing to implement a music intervention similar to this, give us a call and we can discuss what may be possible.]

Imagine how your child would also benefit from having top-quality music lessons with an experienced teacher.

Request Further Info (It's free!) because a year from now you may wish you had started today!

Ask for information about Piano Classes for Children

The following info-graphic describes how piano playing involves so many parts of the mind and body at once. It shows how piano playing is a particularly beneficial activity for the young. It helps prepare you for optimum performance in later life! Start learning to play the piano today!

Infographic showing how piano playing engages the body and the mind at the same time, have wonderful benefits for children.

Infographic created by Encore Music Lessons, USA
Sources and references are available.

OK - I'm interested in music lessons for my children too!

Seven Valuable Insights that Help Our Piano Students Make Progress Quickly

Students in our piano classes learn…

And much more...
Not only do our classes cover the practicalities of playing the instrument, but also include the more valuable content that relates to musicianship development. This provides children with a wide foundation at the earliest stages which supports fluent music performance that communicates artistic intent, backed up with an informed musical awareness and a confident attitude. This educational approach nurtures developing a love of music and supports sustaining musical development in the longer term as a life-enhancing activity.

When is the Best Time to Start Learning Piano?

The younger you start your child, the greater the benefits of music lessons.
Zoltán Kodály, the famous Hungarian music educator, said the best time to start music is nine months before the birth of the mother! If you have missed out on that, then you have to start at the second-best time.
The second-best time to start learning music is NOW! :)

If you wish to have a more detailed answer, read on! There is much to consider that relates to starting children to play an instrument at different ages. For example, if you start during the age of language acquisition, mastery in music can appear quickly and effortlessly. This is so because music, like speech, is a language that expresses human emotions. However, to have music fluency happen as fast as language fluency, parents should repeat lessons at home each day so that musical growth is on the daily agenda. This is one way children born to musical parents master music at a young age.

At the age after language is acquired, there is another opportunity to learn using eidetic imagery. With this chidren may glance at a picture, or a page of music, and the image stays 'alive' much longer than what adults might expect. The image is easily referenced after the glance. This is why children will always find Wally faster than you! :) Eidetic imagery has been proven to exist in children and it is known that most children lose this ability around age 7 -- they grow out of it. It is probably true, that similar traits exist for all the senses -- that each sense may be stronger in children than in adults. This knowledge helps us know how to teach children with age-appropriate presentation, and with different approaches re-learning the same teaching point through sight, hearing, touch, memory, patterns and more.

At the next stage, children can learn a little slower, more sequentially. They can understand things as long as the sequence of steps makes sense. They can still learn faster than adults! They can often master tasks quickly, with less repetitions than an adult. They do not need to ask as many questions as an adult, but can fill-in the blanks easily by themselves.

It is knowledge of music and psychology (being aware of developmental milestones) that informs us of how to teach children at different ages. No matter what the age, we try to make the music classes active, interesting and enjoyble so that a love of music grows. It is the children who are interested in music will not mind doing the work it takes to master music and continue to make progress in the long-term.

If you would like to hear more about our approach to teaching and learning music, contact us now and we will invite you to a meeting in the near future. Don't think 'must do this later' because your child will not stop growing until later!

OK - I'm interested in music lessons for my children too!

Piano Classes Children: Our North-City Venue in Dublin

Our piano classes are available from our teaching studio on Glasnevin Avenue, Dublin 11
We are near DCU (close to M50: Junctions 4 and 5)
We are local to all areas in Dublin 7, Dublin 9 and Dublin 11 including Ballygall, Ballymun, Beaumont, Charlestown, Finglas, Glasnevin, Phibsborough, Santry, and Whitehall.
If you are searching for 'piano lessons near me' and you are not from our immediate area, please consider that a good teacher is worth travelling to!
Many make a long journey to come to us each week. We are only 5km from Dublin city centre.

Piano Class Times

For this age group, the piano classes happen in the afternoon, soon after school.
Exact times of a class for you will be decided later on, when we meet.

What do others think?

Here are brief snippets from genuine testimonials which you may read in full on our website.

"I was amazed that after only a few lessons, they could play some tunes fluently!"
A. Murphy, mother of Samantha (7), Dublin 11
"Daniel is an amazing teacher.
If you really want to play piano, Daniel is best piano teacher to learn from

Orla Ma (13), Beaumont, Dublin 9
"Both my sons... refuse to miss class as it is learning music in a fun, relaxed environment.
Great experience for kids."
N. Ryan, mother of Ciaran (9) and Adam (6), Collins Avenue, Dublin 9
"I first joined and didn't know much about piano and learned all the basics in one year.
I'm catching up to my friend who has played for 6 years."
PokeHexw, (11), Charlestown, Dublin 11
Start Piano Classes Dublin Today!

Who is the piano teacher?

David Brophy, Daniel Walsh and James Galway backstage at the National Concert Hall, Dublin.

Music teacher Daniel Walsh (centre), with his distinguished past student, conductor and pianist David Brophy (left), and world-renowned flautist Sir James Galway (right) backstage at the National Concert Hall, Dublin, after a concert in 2012. You may have seen David presenting his TV programme 'High Hopes Choir' which won the IFTA award for Best Documentary Series 2015.

Daniel Walsh, music teacher, thinking about life and how music makes it meaningful!

Daniel Walsh

Daniel has an honours master's degree in music from DCU and has more than 30 years' experience teaching music to children, adults and teachers. He has performed on stages at home and abroad including performances, recordings and broadcasts with the National Symphony Orchestra, the Ulster Orchestra, RTE, BBC, Naxos and has composed and performed some songs published as part of the Alive-O religious education programme. He has served 25 years as an examiner of music practicals for the Dept. of Education and Skills which included annual examining tours to secondary schools that teach music for Junior Cert and Leaving Cert examinations. He also was an examiner of choirs, orchestras and military bands. Several of Daniel's past students are working fulltime in music employed in teaching, performing, producing and conducting. His past students appreciate and enjoy music and value how it enriches their lives. Daniel teaches many young pianists who are senior or advanced students and who may embark on careers as performing musicians, if they so choose.

Daniel served several terms as chairman of the Irish Accordion Association and is the ex-officio chairman of the Kodály Society of Ireland which promotes excellence in music education using active-learning strategies. He was director of the highly regarded annual summer course for musicians and teachers, "Active Music Making: The Kodály Approach" from 2009-2017.

Daniel is author of the recently published guide book "Helping Parents to Find Best Quality Music Lessons: A free guide for parents who search for Piano Lessons Dublin" which is available, for a limitied time, free of charge, exclusively to our website's visitors.

Daniel is very interested in the psychology of education and is always searching for new ways to make teaching and learning more effective. His current research involves evaluating strategies that have a positive effect on progress in music teaching and learning and in developing transparent progress reports which are inclusive of students' participation thus helping them to create and record their own schemes of positive feedback. This is one way that makes his evidence-based teaching approach quite special. Would you like to benefit from this?

Tell Me More About Piano Classes Children!

How much are piano/keyboard lessons for young beginners in Dublin? (Affordable Fees!)

Special Introductory Offer: Only €185 per term
With affordable pricing like this, there has never been a better time for beginners to start piano lessons! Don't you agree?

Next Opportunity to Start Piano Classes

Next term will start before end of September, 2021

Please contact us at your earliest (i.e. now!) so we can meet you and match your child appropriately with others of similar age and temperament. It is wise that you at least place your name on the list so you are lined up for the next starting opportunity. While most classes form in September, we also try to form classes throughout the year when there is sufficient demand.

Are you interested in best quality music education?

If you would like to come to a meeting and discuss piano tuition for your child, fill in the form and we will contact you in the near future.
If you have any further questions, we will be prepared to answer them when we meet. Meanwhile, here is a list of questions that are asked frequently by parents of prospective piano students.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do we need a piano at home before we start piano classes?

A: A piano is not required for the earliest classes, but you might need one within a few weeks after starting. If you do not have a Fazioli, Kawai, Steinway or Yamaha grand piano in your home already, don't worry! (If you do have one, please let us know!) You can plan for a very good piano in the future. You can start with a more modest instrument. It is important to note that access to a good piano in a school, church, relative's or neighbour's house is fine. If you have access to two or three different instruments once a week, then you will not place a burden on one person. When you know there is real interest, then you can organise a good instrument for your home. Note: piano playing is a skill that requires regular practice daily.

Q: Is a digital instrument acceptable?

A: Digital instruments have improved over recent years. It is probably true that a good digital piano is better than a bad acoustic piano! However, please make sure that it is a decent digital piano and not a toy. Some toys may have lots of coloured switches and be impressive at first glance but, when you play them, they have no quality of tone or feedback to the performer whatsoever. They can't be played expressively. Such toys are not musical instruments. They are only toy versions of musical instruments. If you are not a musician yourself, perhaps a little context would help make this more clear. If your child reaches the appropriate age and asks to learn to drive… would you go to the toy shop and buy a battery powered toy that looks like a car and say learn with this? No Way! You would want a road-worthy car that is safe and in good working order. You would also want one that is responsive to the driver - that has the horsepower to overtake when required. Likewise, for a musician, it is wonderful to play a piano that changes its tone colour and volume throughout a performance as intended by the performer.

To learn to play the piano well requires a good piano, or access to a good piano, a few times a week and eventually a few times each day!

Q: Is it important to practise every day?

A: Yes. Daily practice is an important part of being a musician. What is your profession or occupation? You might answer something like fulltime parent or postman or computer programmer. Do you have to do that every day? :) The definition of a musician is one who thinks about and performs music each day.

Q: How long does it take to be a great performer?

A: About 10,000 hours of practice.
So start as soon as you can! And enjoy the life-long journey!

Q: Is there parking available at or near your teaching studio?

A: Yes. On street, side–to–kerb parking is available for free.
There is also a parking layby in front of the shopping strip nearby.
Please do not park on the grass verges in front of the houses.

Q: Do you do music exams?

A: Yes. When appropriate, we prepare students for the graded practical and theory of music exams of the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music. These particular examinations set the international standard and are available in most countries in North America, Europe and Asia. For children, we prepare them to do well in Junior Cert Music. However, if you are starting out, exams are not immediately appropriate. It is more important that beginners enjoy an exceptional training in music that encourages them to want to learn more, and receive a solid foundation by following a programme that is broad and more diverse than the narrow focus of exams. Perhaps postpone thinking about exams for at least 3 years. Then, your child will be a musician with solid grounding, secure knowledge, confident in performance: exams will seem easy and carry less stress!

Finally, Consider This...

Some of the world's most recognisable leaders have shared a love of music. Here are some quotes from presidents of America which show how highly they value music and how important they consider music education.

"Music education opens doors that help children pass from school into the world around them — a world of work, culture, intellectual activity, and human involvement. The future of our nation depends on providing our children with a complete education that includes music."

President Gerald Ford, United States of America

Another American president has positive memories of learning music in school and he still enjoys playing his saxophone.

President Bill Clinton put a high value on music education.

President Bill Clinton values music education

"Music is about communication, creativity, and cooperation, and, by studying music, students have the opportunity to build on these skills, enrich their lives, and experience the world from a new perspective."

President Bill Clinton, United States of America

We are blessed in Ireland to have a President who is a wonderful supporter of the arts: art, dance, music, poetry and song.

President Bill Clinton put a high value on music education.

President Michael D. Higgins, Republic of Ireland

In 2016, Ireland celebrated the Centenary of the Easter Rising of 1916. At a broadcast of the 'Centenary' concert, the President of Ireland delivered a wonderful speech which ended with the following words describing how now it is time to let the next generation carry the cultural aspirations of the leaders of Irish Freedom Fighters:

"For the leaders of 1916, their political hopes and aspirations for what a free Irish Republic might be, were linked to a rich Irish culture, which they cherished and promoted. Within that vision, their ancient Irish language and culture, informed by our history and migration, was central to everything for which they hoped and fought.

Let us continue, then, to imagine and to dream - for that is surely how we best make use of our past - to build, together, a just and equal future.

Casann an roth. The wheel always turns. What generations have created – beautiful, flawed and full of promise – we now entrust to the next. We wish them well as they make music, and continue to dream."

President Michael D. Higgins, Republic of Ireland

Who Else Will Enjoy the Benefits and Rewards of an Exceptional Music Education?

Now, you are well-informed about our piano classes for children and about the benefits of a top quality music education. If you wish to provide these exceptional benefits for your own child, so that he or she may 'make music and continue to dream', you have to take the next step.
What are you going to do?

Blu-Jay, the mascot of Playright Music Ltd., welcomes requests for information from parents of prospective piano students.
More About Piano Classes Kids!

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