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Theory of Music Grades 5, 6, 7, 8 | Theory of Music Exams

Basic theory is covered during practical lessons. However, eventually separate theory and musicianship lessons are required. Our approach is to reveal the learning content through practical experience. Therefore, our theory and musicianship classes are practical in nature!

If you are learning an instrument elsewhere and require a teacher for music theory exam preparation, contact us to see if we have a class suited to your level forming at the moment. If you wish to have one-to-one theory of music lessons, we can do that if the appointment time we may have available matches your own availability.

Topics Categorised as Theory of Music
Do you wish to know more about Cadences, C Clefs, Chord Progressions, Figured Bass, Form, Intervals, Irregular Time Signatures, Melody Writing, Ornaments, Scales and Key Signatures, Score Reading, Sightreading, Transposing Instruments and any other topics related to the theory of music? If so, we would be delighted to teach you.

Understanding the theory of music provides a solid foundation for learning about harmony, counterpoint, composition skills and free composition.
A listing of all the subjects we offer is availablehere.

If you require a theory of music teacher or a grind in any area of musicianship, contact us for more information and to request a meeting.

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