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This page serves you...
1. COVID-19 Protocol document (Updated 20th September 2022)
2. COVID-19 Protocol Agreement Form in the light blue section
3. Appointment Confirmation Form in the light green section

Health and Safety

Measures taken here

  • Appointment required

  • Mask wearing optional, at personal discretion

  • Visitors use hand sanitizer at entry

  • Temperature check if required

  • Staff wear masks at personal discretion

  • Staff get temperature checks

  • Staff disinfect surfaces regularly

Protocol for Music Instruction During COVID-19 Pandemic
for Students, Parents, Visitors

If you wish to resume in-person tuition during the pandemic, it is required to read this COVID-19 Protocol carefully and agree to implement it diligently before your tuition resumes or starts. This is required by all students and visitors without exception. It provides a way of working with reduced risk. Following the protocol helps keep each student safe and helps each student to keep other students safe too. To assert that you accept the protocol and you are willing to implement it, complete the form below the document when you are finished reading it. This step is required by all.

Thank you for considering our safety and trust that we will work towards keeping you safe too. Please be aware that some of the students who work with us have long term illnesses and are vulnerable to COVID-19. Others may have family members who are elderly and vulnerable. We wish to keep them safe even if they have no direct contact with us. Let's work as suggested in the protocol and take the pandemic seriously. By following the protocol, we know we are doing as much as we can to stay safe while having some fun learning and making music!
See you soon!

If the Viewer does not display the document on your system, you could try to load this page in an Incognito Window, or try a different browser or refresh the page a few times until it loads fully. If you still can't see the document well, try clicking on the pop-out button (upper right corner of the viewer) and the PDF file will pop open in a different window or tab. Or you may use the link below the viewer to download the PDF directly. If you still can't access it, please send us a request to have the document sent to you by email. It is a requirement that you read it and agree to it before coming for in-person tuition.

>>> Click here if you wish to download the COVID-19 Protocol document (PDF file) Second Edition (Current) that is published here now <<<
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Here is an alternate link that might work better in a minority of browsers:
Click here to download the current, updated edition

Here is a link to the original COVID-19 Protocol Document that was here from September 2020:
Click here if you wish to download the COVID-19 Protocol document (PDF file) First Edition from September 2020 (Obsolete!)

COVID-19 Protocol Agreement Form for In-Person Tuition
for Students, Parents, Visitors

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