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Hands on training in harmony and counterpoint.
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Harmony and Counterpoint Tuition

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For students who wish to pursue musical development in composition skills, a solid grounding in harmony and counterpoint is a valuable foundation before commencing formal studies in free composition.

Third level students who are stuck in this area may apply for a grind.

Ideally students intending to learn this course should have previously passed grade five theory (or equivalent). You may see our page about training in the theory of music here.

Do you wish to know more about Chord Progressions, Secondary Sevenths, Chromatic Harmony, Augmented Sixth Chords, Modulation, Pivot Chords, Writing for Strings, Writing for Choir, Writing for Organ, Writing for Piano, Suspensions, Imitation, Fugue and any other related topics?
If so, we would be delighted to teach you!

A listing of all the subjects offered is available here.

If you wish to pursue a course of lessons in harmony and counterpoint or a grind in any area of musicianship, contact us to request a meeting.

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