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Free-composition is an excellent outlet for artistic expression and communication. We offer to guide you through the stages of creating a form and filling it with interesting musical ideas.

Our lessons are comfortable within both the traditional pen and paper approach and the modern means of computer and software applications.

We welcome meeting requests from composition students working towards long-term artistic development in art music or commercial exploiters of opportunities as creative professionals in music or multimedia (advertising, broadcasting, theatrical).

Ideally students intending to develop as composer should have previously passed grade five theory (or equivalent, or higher) as a minimum and be familiar with chord progressions and melody writing. You may see our page about training in the theory of music here. It is only after you have command of the basics that you can work in advanced techniques, modern idioms such as quartal harmony and free dissonance.

Contact us outlining your requirements.

A listing of all the subjects offered is available here.

If you wish to pursue a course of lessons in composition, or harmony and counterpoint or a grind in any area of musicianship, contact us to request a meeting.

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