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All Things Bright and Musical!

Our services may enhance your life with music in many of its aspects:
composing, performing, recording, producing, programming, publishing, product development.
Not only do we provide these services directly to individuals, businesses and publishers, we also teach these skills to others in one-to-one, group classes and short training courses in schools and colleges.

Whether you are a parent looking for local piano lessons for your four year old, a music graduate preparing a performance programme for a masters degree in music, or a representative of a company intending to collaborate with us on your next publishing or production project, we encourage you to browse our website and then contact us with your request or proposal.

We love creating new things!

Our Mission

To enhance the lives of the young, and young at heart, with an involvement in piano performance,
development of musical understanding and on-going musical progression.

Piano Classes Dublin
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Exceptional Opportunity in Music

Piano Classes for Children | Learn more here Piano Classes for Children | Learn more about our best quality programme to introduce children to music and musicianship.
Learning to play the piano might be a wonderful after-school activity that enhances your child's life in a positive way.
Find out how our Piano and Musicianship course is probably the best piano course in Dublin for your child.
Not only are these classes about playing the piano, but also about developing musical understanding to a sufficient level that the children play fluently.
Our best-quality teaching and learning approach is the only evidenced-based piano and musicianship development programme we know of.
Would you like your child to benefit too?...
Would you like to find out about the five unique benefits of our exceptional piano classes for children?

All About Piano Classes for Children...

Fresh Approaches to Music Education

Playright Music is the best place for after-school piano lessons, or piano and musicianship classes, for children.
Our dynamic and enthusiastic teaching develops a life-long love for music and promotes positive learning outcomes.
Would you like your child to benefit from this?

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If you wish to find out more about our music lessons, please proceed to this page.
If you wish to know more about piano lessons, please proceed to this page.



Two Mums Having SMS Banter Before the Arrival of the Pope to Ireland [August 2018]

We appreciate that you have come by our website and hope you will browse for what you are searching for.
Meanwhile, here is a little something we have prepared just for your amusement!
J. S. Bach: Prelude No 1, performed by our director of piano studies.
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Frequently Asked Questions

1: Do you teach beginners who have no previous experience?

Yes. We love preparing and delivering vibrant classes that get young beginners interested in music and in playing piano.

2: Do you teach adults who never did music before?

Yes. We enjoy sharing a love for piano performance, and appreciation of music in general, with adults.

3: Do you teach returning students who used to be quite good and now wish to get back to performing again?

Yes. If you are now rusty, and wish to retrieve your previous skills, we can help you to do that quickly and even help you to make further progress. However, it is important that we meet first and ascertain that we will be an appropriate match for your technique.
Usually, there is no issue!

4: Do you teach performers who are already advanced?

Yes. We enjoy working with advanced repertoire, advanced techniques and helping you shine as a performer. Call us!

5: Do you teach during the pandemic?

In-person teaching during the pandemic is limited. The requirement of having an interval between appointments for ventilation, instrument sanitising and surface cleaning reduces the number of appointments we can accommodate. If you are interested, you can enquire and see what might be available. While the level of restrictions is high, it might be wiser not to meet new people until it is safer.

If you are a beginner who is thinking about starting, then please express interest by filling in the form and you will be in line for starting when the restrictions are relaxed.

If you are already an intermediate to advanced performer, or working towards a high level exam or recital, consider if our Video Performance Reports would be suitable during the pandemic.

Music Instructor – Qualified, Experienced, Proven Track Record [Beginners Welcome]

  • 5 Star Music Teacher in Dublin

  • 25 Years Experience as Examiner in Music: Vocal, Instrumental, Choral and Orchestral Performance

  • Advice for Students Thinking About a Professional Career in Music

  • Best After-School Piano Classes for Children in Leinster

  • Chamber Music Coach for Ensembles of all sizes for Assessments, Competitions, Examinations and Performances

  • Classical Piano Instructor for All Levels in north Dublin City

  • Courses in music to the same teaching standards you'll find in best conservatories and any academy of music

  • Dynamic Piano Classes for Children in Dublin

  • Free Consultation for Parents of Children Interested in Music and/or Piano

  • Glasnevin Piano Teacher

  • Group Classes in Piano and Musicianship | Forming now for September 2023

  • Highly Regarded Music Teacher in North Dublin

  • Kodály Musicianship Teacher Dublin

  • Music Instructor for Young Pianists

  • Music School Known for Excellent Results

  • Music Teacher for Advanced Students

  • Night Courses | Piano Classes for Adults

  • Occasional Lessons for Aspiring Professionals Seeking Performance Guidance

  • Piano Classes for Children in Dublin: September, 2023

  • Piano Tuition for Musical Kids

  • Piano Lessons for Beginners

  • Piano Teacher for Talented Musicians

  • Piano Tutor for Third-Level Music Students

  • Positively Reviewed Music Teacher in Dublin

  • Skype Piano Teacher from Ireland

  • Top Music Teacher for Hard Working Children

  • Tuition in Accordion, Piano, Recorder, Theory of Music,
    Harmony, Counterpoint, Composition, Music Technology and
    Music Software Applications including Sibelius Music Notation Software

  • Video Performance Reports and Assessments *NEW!*

Health and Safety precautions implemented duing or in-person lessons and meetings Health and Safety

See the measures we take to keep our music teaching practice safe during the C-19 pandemic here.

What Happens at Playright Music Ltd.

Many parents travel with their children from all parts of Dublin, and even from nearby counties, to have music lessons in piano and other subjects with our director and well-known music teacher, Daniel Walsh, who has 40 years' experience of teaching beginners and watching them make steady progress through all stages of development – each at his/her own pace. While Daniel is in demand as a coach and adviser to advanced performers and mentor to many music teachers, he enjoys working with classes of young beginners and watching them grow towards being fine young adults ready to make their contribution to society – knowing that the exceptional musical training they have received played a large part in their lives: in forming their characters and their view of the world. To see them grow with music in their lives is a wonderful privilege. To see some of them choose to make a career in music is a source of great pride. The benefits of high quality training in music are enormous for the developing child and reach out to other areas of life beyond music.

Would you like to have music-making as an activity to influence the development of your child?
If yes, then please browse our website and make contact with us when you are ready.

Talk to Playright Music Ltd.

We prefer if you fill in the forms as a first point of contact. We will invite you to come and meet before the next term starts.
If you prefer to use the phone for a more immediate response, you can see if we are free to chat at +353 1 842 2463
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