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Your Proud Moment in 10 Years Time

Piano Classes Children

Your Proud Moment!
That moment of anticipation waiting for the performer to take the stage: So quiet you can hear everything, but there is only the sound of silence, and then it happens...

The performer enters and you have a moment of reflection, a moment filled with pride, that performer, this performer, is one you reared and know so well. The audience breaks the silence with a welcoming applause of appreciation.

And then the stream of music begins... the poetic history of humanity, the truth of human existence without the unimportant details, flowing effortlessly, phrase by phrase...

Can you imagine it?

In 10 years time?

Visit our page about dynamic piano lessons for children and discover if our unique programme is a good match for your child.

Dynamic Piano Classes for Children

Piano Classes for Children

Piano Classes

Piano Classes for Young Beginners: Next Term Enrolling Now

Now is the time to express your interest in piano classes for your children.

Our Introduction to the Piano classes are rather special as they work on both piano playing skills and the development of musicianship. This results in performances that have conviction, appropriate style and artistic nuances.

Our students learn to play the piano with the following steps:

  1. discover an understanding of how the piano works,
  2. how to make the piano sound beautiful and how to play the piano fluently,
  3. how to read music notation,
  4. to develop their sense of rhythm and pitch,
  5. to sing songs, and discover how to choose the appropriate fingering to play them on the piano easily and expressively.

Read more about our Introduction to the Piano classes by clicking the Learn More button below.
If you think piano classes would be right for your child, then please indicate your interest by filling in the form. We will call you for a free consultation meeting before classes may start and you will know first hand, without any obligation, about the content of the classes, the possible times of the classes, the commitment of daily practise to support on-going progress.

Not only are we serious about the content of our classes, we are also serious about enjoying music.
Our piano classes are challenging, but good fun! :-)

Join us for a fresh approach to music education!

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