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A Complete Guide to Finding Best Quality Music Lessons | Free eBook Offer for Parents

Offers from Playright Music Ltd. About After-School Piano Lessons: Free Guide for Parents
Piano and Musicianship Training from Playright Music Ltd., Dublin
Piano Lessons, Piano Classes, Piano and Musicianship Training from Playright Music Ltd. an independent music school based in Dublin

Helping Parents to Find Best Quality Music Lessons

Here is your chance to get a guide for parents with knowledge and tips that will help you BEFORE you organise after-school piano lessons for your child.

  • Learn about the value of top quality music lessons and the benefits for children who engage in making continued progress in music.
  • Learn about what a musical understanding means and how best to support your child to make progress steadily.
  • Learn the value of enjoying the present as you plan for the future.
  • Be equipped with the same knowledge and wisdom as families who have been musical for several generations.

Is it time you considered the benefits of best quality musical training for your child?

Request your own copy of this eBook now - it will be yours to read in just a few moments!

You will know how to find the best quality music lessons for your children, locally.

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