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Former Student David Brophy Appointed Chief Conductor of WDR Funkhausorchester in Cologne

Our esteemed former piano and musicianship student has reached another milestone in his career as a professional musician. It has just been announced that David Brophy is the new chief conductor of the WDR Funkhausorchester in Cologne!

David Brophy announced as new chief conductor of the WDR Funkhausorchester in Cologne, Germany
David Brophy announced as new chief conductor of the WDR Funkhausorchester in Cologne, Germany
We remember David starting as a beginner and, once he had decided on a career in music, he worked very hard for 10 years with Daniel Walsh before commencing studies for his undergraduate degree in music. We congratulate David, and we are sure that his mum, dad, and his own sons are all very proud.

This seems to be a wonderful match between a professional orchestra and a chief conductor, both of whom like to challenge themselves with daring new ways to reach and entertain an audience.

We'll be watching the developments of new projects with interest! :-)

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Echoes of Europe Chamber Music Recital Series 2023: A review

Concert Reviews

National Concert Hall: Thursday 7 September 2023

I had the pleasure of attending the inaugural performance of the Echoes of Europe chamber music recital series at the National Concert Hall in Dublin, curated by the talented David Tobin. David's mission was to bring together the finest musicians from across Europe and collaborate on a selection of exceptional works.

At the heart of last night's recital were cellist Anouchka Hack (Germany) and pianist Susana Gómez Vázquez (Spain), both joining violinist David Tobin (Ireland) on stage. Their performance was not only technically impeccable but also radiated a genuine passion for the music. It was evident that they thoroughly enjoyed every moment on stage, and their seamless collaboration left a lasting impression on the captivated audience. Despite their relatively short time together, their musical synergy made it seem as though they had been playing together for years. I am already looking forward to the opportunity to hear them perform again.

The National Concert Hall may very well be on the cusp of establishing an annual chamber music festival featuring young, highly trained, and exceptionally talented musicians.

My heartfelt congratulations go out to David Tobin for his exceptional programming, and I am confident that this series will continue to showcase a wealth of brilliant artists in the future.


Image of Trio, Kevin Barry Room, NCH

Image of Revital Programme, Echoes of Europe, NCH, Thursday 7 September, 2023

Image of Susana (left) and Anouchka (right)

Image of Trio, outside Kevin Barry Room, NCH