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Music Education is what we do!

This Introduction to the Piano class is for children who are beginners and wish to have first lessons to help them decide if piano playing is to become a passion in their lives.
Should that passion develop, there are many possiblities for the musical developement of your child thereafter. The class can stay together as long as there is a positive learning outcome for all its members. Should more intensive development be desired later, we can offer individual/private piano lessons to those who are fully committed.

Other Subjects Offered

We offer a wide range of subjects to developing music students. These fall primarily into practical/instrumental and theoretical/musicianship.

Practical Instrumental Tuition

Accordion, piano and recorder are the instruments we teach. We welcome beginners in these instruments and will take you through a developement course to advanced levels. When appropriate, we will prepare you for examinations at all levels from beginner to advanced and post-graduate performance levels. We have prepared students for performances for all grade examinations, senior cert, external professional diplomas and advanced degrees for NUI, Maynooth and QUB, Belfast.

Theoretical/Musicianship Classes

Classes in practical musicianship cover the course work for understanding the theory of music including meeting the requirements of examinations in the theory of music. We also offer learning support to students of composition skills i.e. studies in melody writing, harmony, counterpoint, fugue, free composition and similar.

Subject Listing

Please see the comprehensive subject listing on our website.

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