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Small Piano Classes: Social and Fun!

Class Sizes / Student-Teacher Ratio

Our piano classes are small and this supports positive learning outcomes.
The minimum number to form a class is four. The maximum class size is six.
Classes are mixed – we welcome boys and girls.

Classes Formed with Students of Similar Age

Having students of a similar age helps the class to flow at an appropriate rate. The teacher can moderate delivery to match the age and learning speed of the students.

High Achievers are Encouraged

High achievers are also encouraged and allowed to shine. It is an aim of the class to develop confidence in solo performance so each student will have a chance to perform in front of the others. Developing team-spirit encourages each student to do well for the group.

Tell Your Friends You Are Interested in Piano Classes!

If students can form a class with friends and relatives, that helps the class to start more quickly.

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