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Piano classes for children Dublin

Piano Classes Dublin, (North-City)

Benefits of Piano Lessons

Musical ability has been associated with an enhancement of verbal working memory and long-term memory (Ref 1). Literature reference: Effects of musical training on verbal memory.Franklin, Moore, Yip et al: The effects of musical training on verbal memory. Psychology of Music 2008
Very recently, researchers reported that expert musicians also outperform non-musicians in both visual and spatial working memory tests (Ref 2). Literature reference: Working memory and musical competence of musicians and non-musicians.Hansen, Wallentin and Vuust: Working memory and musical competence of musicians and non-musicians. Psychology of Music, published August 1, 2012 These findings support the view that musical training has value that enhances performance even in non-musical activities.

Learning the piano has powerful life-enhancing benefits that permeate one’s life. Learning an instrument and mastering each little step towards fluency, gives the young person a powerful sense of achievement and awareness about how to learn, memorise, perform effectively. Playing music can be a wonderful outlet for self-expression and a means of social integration. Musical knowledge is helpful within the school system, especially if chosen as a subject for the Junior and Leaving Cert exams.

Music is a good choice for an Arts degree in university and musicianship may be useful in the jobs market in areas of advertising, broadcasting, light entertainment, media (radio, TV, print), multimedia, music technology, recording, production, teaching, and even as a concert performer. While most of our past students enjoy music in their lives as a valued interest, some of our past students are working musicians now and they include a broadcast researcher, a conductor, a music production engineer, and several music teachers. Many working in music and related professions started learning about music as a child.

If you are nearby Dublin, Ireland and wish to provide piano lessons or piano and musicianship classes for your child, contact us to arrange a meeting, or use the application form and we will contact you in the near future before next suitable classes may form.

Author: Daniel Walsh M.A.
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