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Summer Intensives for Pianists

Specialised Development Programme for Highly Motivated Young Pianists Searching for More Than A Music Summer Camp in July

The innovative Piano Sparks programme invites applications from intermediate and advanced piano students. If you are a developing pianist this might provide the breakthrough support to help you boost your piano playing with intensive lessons during the summer. The Piano Sparks summer programme is a source of encouragement, fun, motivation and vision for those who aspire to a higher level of piano playing.

Who is the Piano Sparks programme for?

The innovative Piano Sparks programme is for intermediate and advanced piano students. 2019 was its inaugural year. 2023 is our fifth year and the format reverts to how it was intended before the COVID-19 pandemic. This year our course is fully in-person! Online is an option for students at a distance and not able to travel to Dublin. Would you like to say you were one of the participants to benefit from it?

You might be attending a secondary school or you might be a third-level music student, between 14 and 28 years, who is serious about piano performance, on holidays from school or college, willing to practise 3 to 4 hours per day, wishes to focus on strengthening your technique, addressing particular areas of piano performance or improve your general musicianship and knowledge. You may wish to make general progress or have a particular focus working towards a milestone such as an exam, performance or even start new pieces by your favourite composers.

Perhaps you are already at an advanced stage, beyond the level of typical music summer camps, and wish to have a more immersive experience that will elevate you to the next level as a pianist. This intensive program will provide you with the elements for a successful and inspiring summer as you grow in your musical understanding and reach new heights in your piano performance.

Organised by course director Daniel Walsh M.A. who is a very experienced teacher with many past students working as professional musicians. All participants will have a preliminary strategy meeting and a minimum of three 90 minute learning sessions with Daniel, while practise sessions may be monitored by team assistants, if appropriate. Students are encouraged to practise at home between sessions.

Benefits of Participating in Piano Sparks

All participants get a preliminary strategy meeting to outline your own unique and individual plan. Your plan should provide for your particular need and depending on your needs and choices, you could gain some or all of the following benefits:

  • • Build up a daily warm-up routine of technical exercises
  • • How to approach learning different types of materials
  • • Prepare new pieces to expand your repertoire
  • • Programming for recitals, stage craft and presentation
  • • Practice tips to impart results-driven practice methods
  • • Working with other musicians – vocal and chamber music guidance

Options of Content as Best Meets Your Needs

If you wish, you may learn content to get ahead for your next grade exam (from Grades 5 to Grade 8, Senior Certificate or for a professional performance, diploma etc.)
Or wish to

  • • develop your arranging and improvisation skills
  • • develop your interpretation and stylistic awareness of music from any period: Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Modern
  • • improve playing at sight
  • • improve your technique and tone quality
  • • develop results-driven practice methods
  • • vocal and chamber music guidance -- perform with your own group!

What would help you make progress?
What is holding you back?


Here are some comments from our students.

"Our son has really improved his piano playing since he started playing with Daniel. He really enjoys the classes and getting him to practise and prepare beforehand is never a problem. Daniel is very dedicated in what he does. We've had experience of a number of piano teachers and Daniel is by far the best. Highly recommended."
K MCC, 2018

Artistic Director, Piano Sparks

Daniel Walsh is founder of the Piano Sparks programme and is delighted to be Artistic Director this year. He has wonderful plans for the course but he is also willing to be flexible to meet the needs of the students who are invited to partake in the course. Where possible, special lectures will be provided to all the participants to address any issues they may present with in common. This is one way the needs of the participants will inform the content of the course.

Otherwise, Daniel, who was from 2009–2017 Director of the Kodály Society of Ireland's course Active Music Making: The Kodály Approach for musicians and teachers, is aware of the market place and of the courses that are offered during the summer. He hopes that the Piano Sparks course will have a long future providing for the needs of young pianists who are already far beyond the basics and embarking on a path of serious music endeavour as either professionals or amateurs who wish to be competent collaborators in presenting music performances to the public. Piano Sparks aims to bridge the gap that supports intermediate, senior and advanced pianists to strive towards professional levels of musicianship. Perhaps graduates of the programme (the Piano Sparks) may start thinking about entering national and international competitions in the years to come.

Placeholder Picture
Daniel Walsh M.A.
Artistic Director,
Piano Sparks

Highly regarded music teacher with a professional life that spans music performance, production, third-level lecturing, publishing, teacher mentoring, examining and instrumental teaching.
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This year, our artistic director will be very involved in presenting and leading the participants.

As applications are received, the needs of the participants will inform decisions about extending the faculty. Details will be listed here in due course.

Participant Pricing

Your application is a 'Request for an Invitation' and this is free of charge.

Successful applicants will receive an invitation to participate and they will meet the following charges.
Individual Participant Rate: €495
*Group Member Participant Rate: €350
Chamber Music Groups (Duets, Trios, Voice and piano etc.): Please request a quotation for your group


The Piano Sparks Summer Programme is non-residential and takes place in our music teaching studio at Playright Music Ltd., Glasnevin Avenue, Dublin 11

Our venue is on the north side of Dublin city, half way between the city centre and the airport. We are served by Junctions 4 and 5 on the M50 motorway.

However, students who are unable to travel may avail of an online option. This option will be discussed with each student individually.


Travel by bus No 9 from Dublin city centre to the stop called 'The Autobahn' on Glasnevin Avenue. The stop is just a short walk to our venue.

Travel by car with ease via the M50: J4 or J5. Then proceed to Route 103. For your SatNav you may enter our Eircode: D11 A2N5 or our coordinates: 53.389832, -6.273076

Parking: On street side-to-kerb parking available and free of charge. There is also a parking layby in front of neighbouring shops. Please do not park on grass verges.

How to Apply

If interested, fill in your details on the following application form to request an invitation. In the following days we will contact you by phone and arrange a meeting or audition. For this year, you may be asked to provide a video of a performance instead of a meeting. Such video would demonstrate your level of performance and indicate if the quality of your video is suited to working with you.

Let's work!

Await a phone call from us! We will arrange an appointment to meet when a plan for your development is agreed between us.

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Terms and Conditions Apply. Offers of Places at Our Sole Discretion
Places are limited in number so as to offer a high quality of service
Offer is subject to minimum standards of musicianship that is beyond basic/beginner levels
*Group Classes formation is subject to a minimum count of applicants at similar level
Chamber Music requires pre-existing groups who have been playing together for at least a few months
All places are on the basis that applicants request an invitation and we may not be able to extend invitations to all applicants

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