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Piano Sparks

More than a Summer School
for Aspiring Pianists

Summer Intensives for Pianists

Technical Development

Identify weaknesses in technique and discover how to make improvements continually.

New Repertoire

Analyse and prepare new pieces. We will work on your requirements or suggest new works for you.

Style and Interpretation

We will help you with style and interpretation and help you discern what is appropriate for each of the main historical periods in music.

Practise Methods

Discover strategies for practising meaningfully with effective, results-based methods.

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Piano Sparks is an initiative of Daniel Walsh at Playright Music to establish an intensive two-week summer programme for teenagers and young adults who aspire to reach advanced levels in piano performance. While there are many summer camps that cater to beginners, Piano Sparks is offered to those who wish to specialise in piano.
It is aimed at those who are already at intermediate or advanced levels and who can invest serious amounts of practise time during their summer holidays. The programme aims to compliment the work of music teachers and not replace them.

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