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Have you ever worked on a music typesetting job that consists of hundreds of music illustrations of different sizes to be placed in a music text book?

Perhaps some illustrations are to appear in a table of key signatures, some to appear in a table of time signatures, some to demonstrate rhythms of dances, some to be short themes from repertoire. If so, then you will realise that sizing these types of music illustrations to fit certain spaces with uniformity and exactness may require trial and error until the files are correct. If you maintain job-specific style sheets that may be shared with the editorial and production team, then you will realise that not only do the measurements you work with have to be consistent and exact, but that you also have a great deal of extra work to add information into the stylesheet.

SCOREcalc is a program we developed to make light work of these tasks. SCOREcalc can provide the measurements you need to enter details in the style sheet to prove that your files' measurements are consistent throughout a project. SCOREcalc also provides the precise width of the stave to four decimal places and the exact size of such staves when they are printed out at any reduction or enlargement. This has saved us a great deal of production time and helped eliminate guess-work, trial and error, and approximate measurements.

We have used SCOREcalc in-house for several years and take pleasure in sharing it with other music typesetters here. Since it only does a few calculations, it is not really a product to make ready for commercial release. So we hereby make it available as software provided as a free online service.

Why would we do that?

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